Sunday, December 14, 2014

MIni Christmas Cookies - Packaging

Lately I've been using more power tools than flour tools as the unrelenting joys of home ownership have taken precedence over everything else while I work to get my house into shape to sell.

I did manage to get some mini Christmas cookies made to add to Christmas gift baskets, and I hope to be able to play some more in the kitchen during the holidays. Maybe I'll let that be my present to myself.

I'll admit that mini cookies can sometimes be more difficult to ice than a larger cookie, but I love how cute they look all packaged together.

These are placed in pretzel bags and sealed in between. This will help to keep them from breaking I hope. I stapled on a hang tag made with a scrapbooking punch. A decorative envelope seal covers the staple for a more finished look.

I'll cover this with a cellophane bag and bow, but due to light glare I photographed it without.

A half pound candy box of Christmas minis.

♥ Happy Decorating ♥

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