Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Camouflage Cookies - Tutorial

I made these camouflage cookies recently for my grandson's birthday. In this post I'll be showing the step by step process of how I added the camo colors to the number eight cookies.

 I won't be showing how I did the dog tags shown above, but the process is pretty much the same as with the number 8 cookies. The tags were cut out using a circle cutter that I reshaped by straightening out two sides, and a straw was used to make the hole. When it came time to decorate I outlined the center rectangle area first in the darkest color and let dry. The center was then filled in with the lightest color and left to dry. Camo colors were applied to the edge with the same wet on wet technique as I show below. The strings are edible licorice laces.

To get an idea of how I wanted the camo to look on my cookies, I traced around my number 8 cookie cutter and scanned that into my computer where I multiplied it to fit a sheet of 11"x8.5" paper.
The number cutter is from a set by Wilton.

I superimposed the eights over a camo design and printed it out for reference. This gave me a great starting point as to the scale I wanted, and showed me how to extend the colors over the surface to give a more realistic look. After about the 6th cookie I found I wasn't referring to the photo anymore.

I mixed my icing colors using the paper I printed out as a color guide, and thinned it down until it was the consistency of white glue. Thin enough to work with, but thick enough to hold it's shape while adding another color.  

Using the camo printout as a guide I started adding random shapes. I didn't let the colors dry in between adding each one because I wanted a seamless flat surface.

I just kept continuing on filling in spaces.

Almost done.

Finally finished!  These cookies were fairly easy and fast to do because I didn't have to wait for each color to dry before adding another, and the extra step at the beginning made sure the camo design wasn't too small and tedious to work with. 

Happy Decorating


  1. Flawless! How did you keep the colors from bleeding?:)

    1. Thanks. As far as the color bleeding I never know how it's going to go. My icing thickness was the same for all colors, and I always add white (a tip I learned from GeminiRJ) to any colors that I know will be lighter.

  2. you are amazing !!!!! hats off to you . I love the cookies and they really look so realistic. I am sure whomsoever you made these for must have been very happy.

  3. Great tutorial . . . just what I needed to make camo cookies for my son's 13th birthday! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  4. Is your frosting just powdered sugar and milk? Or is it something else? Do they end up stackable (does the icing harden)?

    1. Hi Rebekah,
      My icing consists of powdered sugar, meringue powder, water, corn syrup and flavoring. It hardens to be stackable. My recipe evolved over time from the one on the Wilton can of meringue powder. Hope that helps.