Thursday, April 12, 2012

Princess Birthday Cookies

For my grand-daughter's 3rd birthday party I made these little star wands and number 3 cookies with crowns on them. She was having a princess party, so I tried to make princessey cookies to match the theme.

All sealed and ready to go.

To make the crown number 3s, I used a number 3 cookie cutter and cut out the 3s I needed. Then using the top part of a leaf cutter I cut crown shapes. To make it fit the top of the 3 I recut the crown shape with the 3 cutter. Once the pieces were fitted together they were baked.

Here is how they looked when baked together. The crease is only on top as the underside bakes solid.

I was able to use the royal icing flowers as well as some of the same icing colors from my Easter set to finish these.

The wands were just small star shapes baked with a small cookie stick. I added the ribbon with a twist tie so it was easy to remove.

Using one of the photos I took of my grand-daughter's cookies I was able to make it into a birthday card for her.

Happy Decorating


  1. Thank you for sharing Susan. Using the leaf cutter for a crown is a brilliant idea. Your talent is greatly appreciated. You rock girlfriend!

    1. Thanks again. I did happen to find a mini crown cutter at Hobby Lobby last weekend that I will be using in the future.