Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Edible Cookie Corsage - Tutorial

Here's my edible twist on the corsage. I wanted to get as much realism as I could by angling the petals toward the middle of the flower so it didn't look so flat.

A Corsage for Annabelle
This is the finished corsage I gave my grand-daughter for her performance in her school talent show, but I've broken down the steps for a similar corsage in the following photos. There are also notes regarding the toothpicks. This way worked better for me, but you can skip using them altogether if you like and just "glue" everything together with icing.

I've cut out 4 large hearts, 4 medium hearts and 4 small hearts. Also 2 large leaves and 2 small leaves , and one tiny blossom shape flower.
 I pushed toothpicks in the ends before baking because these will help me position the petals later. I will be adding a hole for a toothpick to the underside of the tiny flower shape as soon as it comes out of the oven
Note: You can skip the toothpicks-More on this later in the assembly photo.

I've cut my larger leaves down to only 3 sections so they would fit between the heart petals.
The tiny flower shape on the right will be turned over right after baking and a hole for a toothpick made in the center and left to cool with the other cookies

I wanted some of the petals to have a subtle 2-toned look, so I iced the outer edge first with icing and let dry. I added icing dots and "comma" patterns (which I forgot to photograph as I was doing them.---Can you tell I'm new to this blogging thing?)

Then I flooded the inner section with the same icing color and sprinkled with sanding sugar.
Believe it or not all the pink colored sanding sugar came from the same bottle it just looks different on the different colored icings.

On each leaf shape I outlined 3 smaller leaves and let dry.
When the outline icing dried I filled in the area with a lighter color icing and sprinkled with sanding sugar. Green sugar in this case.

To give the look of babies breath I added random white dots after the sugared leaves were dry.

Once all the cookie parts were finished I rolled a large marshmallow into the same color icing of the middle section petals and sprinkled with sanding sugar and left to dry. The icing layer is very thin so I can poke the toothpick petals into it easily. The little plate here is a tiny tasting plate I found in a set of 10 at Party City, it has a slightly raised edge that helps to support the lower petals. A paper doily is taped to the bottom and the sugared marshmallow is adhered to it with royal icing.
Note: Colored fondant can be used in place of the marshmallow. And the sanding sugar can be omitted.

Now to assemble all the pieces. I started with the larger hearts and push the toothpick into the marshmallow. You may have to shorten the toothpick end to do this or it might go through the marshmallow and hit the plate underneath.
I clipped the toothpicks on these quite a bit to be able to angle the larger heart into the marshmallow letting them rest on the plate edge.
Note: The whole toothpick part can be skipped entirely and all the petals and leaves just "glued" with royal icing to the marshmallow individually.

Next came the medium size hearts I spaced these on top of where the lower hearts came together basically covering the gap.

I added the larger leaves after the medium heart petals were placed so I wouldn't accidently break them when placing the upper petals. They slid right in between the lower petals at the corner. Again the plate edge helps to support them. 

This is the tiny center blossom cookie that I forgot to photograph as I was icing. This shows how the toothpick is centered in the back.

I repeated this with smaller heart petals and leaves. The last cookie to go in is the tiny flower or blossom. Remember a hole was made using a toothpick right after baking. I re-attached it using a dab of royal icing. The length of the toothpick was cut so the cookie was sitting right on top of the marshmallow. I still show the toothpicks here, but the upper cookies actually cover them up.

 Here is it all boxed up and ready to give.
A big thanks to Susan (GeminiRJ) for her idea of the sugared marshmallow. 
To see her amazing work click (here)

Happy Decorating