Monday, December 29, 2014

Creative Packaging for Homemade Gifts (Bath Powder)

This post is from when I was creating other bath products (here) with my grand daughter Alybeth. So this is rather late, as I just found the photos I thought were lost, but hopefully it can be useful later on.

We made our own bath powder allowing the fragrances to set for a week before packaging.

As far as containers go, they needed to be economical for Alybeth to give them as gifts for family and friends, so we tried to buy items that would keep the cost range at around $5.00.

Price wise these are a very good start. 
I bought several sets of salt and pepper shakers for a $1.00 a set at a discount store.

This design seems to disguise the fact that it is a salt shaker and looks cute as well.

The items used to make the snowman powder container in the previous photo are these:
 A salt shaker, a snowman face and buttons printed on card stock and formed into a sleeve to fit around the shaker.  The hat was made using a baby sock. To hold the hat in place and also section off the hat's shape clear hair bands were used. The bell is attached with jewelry findings. The scarf is just striped tee shirt material with the ends cut into fringe.

Using a glue gun to attach ribbons, stickers, and charms, here are a few more designs options for more elegant yet still price conforming containers.

It's important to keep the powder from getting away before it gets to it's destination so
 a decorative envelope seal was used to cover the holes. 
On the ones below a seal or a small piece of tape was added to the rim before the top was screwed on.

For a container with a more elegant look, I embellished a decorative glass salt shaker with rhinestone trim and ribbon. It looks great on it's own as well. 
 I bought this set at a discount store, so using just one as a gift will still be slightly over $5.00, but to be fair I already had the ribbon and rhinestone trim on hand from previous crafts. 

 We made bath powders in many different scents so I decided to use the leftover bits by pouring 
them into these mini shakers and packaging them together as samplers.
  I bought these shakers as a set of 12 for about $7.50 at a discount store. A package of four is well under the $5.00 limit.
Note: Take the tops off and cover with a piece of tape to keep the powder from getting out, replacing the tops of course.

This is the only photo I found of the penguin designs we did. 
The smaller penguin is again a salt shaker from the double pack at a discount store. The larger penguin design printout is covering a foaming hand soap container. We actually made our own soap and added a gingerbread type fragrance.

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