Monday, October 15, 2012

Edible Icing Eyeballs- Tutorial

While trying to think up ways to use up my leftover royal icing I remembered seeing a darling photo from Andovercookiemama (seen here) about making candy dots, and thought with a couple of added tweaks and colors these might make cute Halloween treats for my grand kids.

I started out making very simple eyes using the came-with-the-computer paint program. Here I show the progression starting from left to right. For this set the icing eyes will be just the iris and pupil. 

With the background flooded in black they look even more spooky don't you think?

I printed out the eyes onto card stock and layered a piece of acetate over it to pipe the actual eyes onto so they'll be easy to remove and eat later. Waxed paper can be used as well. The icing is about 15-20 second icing which is thick enough to hold the rounded shape, but not form peaks. I started with just the iris color here since the whites are part of the background. I formed a rounded ball of icing over the corresponding color on the printed sheet and added the black pupils while it was still wet.  White highlight dots will be added later.

Here I'm showing how I pipe the candy eyeball "dots" that were put into long pretzel bags. I preplanned the size and the circle placement in my paint program and printed them out onto card stock. Again a piece of acetate was added to pipe the eyes onto.
Starting with white I make a ball of icing following the printed guide.

     I follow with the iris color while the white was still wet. The black pupils were then added the
      same way.  I let these dry overnight before adding the last detail. If they stayed this shiney I wouldn't need the white detail dot.

I added the white highlights using white Americolor food coloring and a ball tool that came in a set of 5 different sizes.

Here they are all packaged in both a 2" wide pretzel bag and a larger 4" wide cookie bag.
Now I realize that there is nothing new about the actual icing eyes, but I thought the added background was kind of a fun tweek to the packaging.

I had extra eyes and used them to make some chocolate covered spoons.

♥ Happy Decorating ♥


  1. What exactly is that ball tool? I've been wanting to play with royal icing transfers for a while now. Your eyes are phenomenal!

    1. Thank you,
      The ball tool came as a set of 5 double ended nail art dotting tools. I bought them at Amazon really cheap. Great for making impressions in fondant as well.

  2. You never cease to amaze me mom!