Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cookie Jewelry Icing Transfers - Part 2

Another royal icing jewelry transfer post. In this one I start out with crowns, bows, stars and some simple flower jewels at the top, and at the bottom of the post some cabochon type jewels. I make these as transfers for two reasons. The first being I can make them ahead of time as long as I seal them to keep air from tarnishing the dragees. The second is that where I live the dragees are to be used for non-edible decorations only, so I use just a dot of icing to attach them so they are easily removed before eating.
To help keep my sanity, especially when outlining with tiny pearls, I now use what I call a bead vacuum to place all those "cookie beads". It makes the job so much faster, and no more chasing those slippery spheres with tweezers. I will be talking more about this in my next post when I update my cookie tools.

Crowns, bows, stars, and flower type jewelry transfers.
Below I'll show a few basics for the crowns and bows.

This is my crown printout that I started with. I lay acetate or waxed paper over it and ice away.

Close up of two crown variations. I usually start with the lower edge following the shape with an icing line and adding sugar pearls or dragees as I go.
Then I add the larger colored pearls and fill in with smaller ones all while trying to keep within the outline.
 (Oops, looks like my paper shifted during the photo shoot)

    I first outline small areas around the shape with a line of icing and place tiny dragees or sprinkles adding more icing and sprinkles until the whole shape is outlined. Let these dry a bit (you don't want the lines to shift) before flooding with icing. Once flooded these need to dry overnight before using.
These can also be done by just outlining with icing, and flooding, but I wanted a beaded edge.

Cabochon type cookie bling!!!
The green and white diamonds with the gold beading in the second row are done with edible gold food coloring over white tiny sugar pearls. Not as shiny as dragees. They look more like old gold.
See the next photo for the basics. 

 To make the cabochons I start out with my ever present printout of whatever shape I'm doing covered in waxed paper or acetate.
I place icing around the outlined shape and add sugar pearls.
In between the pearls I add small dragees and let this dry a bit so the shape doesn't shift when I do the next step.
When the pearls have had time to set I flood the middle with icing and add a single sugar pearl or dragee, or a smaller shaped jewel like the diamond above. I make the smaller jewels a day or two ahead to give them time to dry so they can be added to the larger ones.
These larger jewels take a lot longer to dry and set up because of the icing thickness in the middle. They may seem dry on the top, but underneath they could still be wet.
 If your icing tends to sink as it's drying, do the flooding in layers, letting each layer set up before adding the next one.

♥ Happy Decorating ♥

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