Friday, March 27, 2015

Easy 3-D Easter Basket Cookies

It wasn't until I was almost finished with these designs that I realized I should have taken photos along the way. Hopefully the very short mini tutorial at the bottom will help somewhat. 

3-D Easter Baskets using colored cookie dough as well as chocolate cookie dough.
I wanted these to be easy and quick, and since I already had the bows and edible lace left over from other projects they were.

Oval basket with a Twizzler handle and fabric bow.

Round basket with a Twizzler handle and edible lace bow.

Oval chocolate basket with a chocolate Twizzler handle and fabric bow. The doily is edible lace.

To make the round basket you'll only need one of these scalloped round cutters, but to make the oval baskets you will need two.
These happen to be made by Wilton.

To make the oval basket you will need to stretch the two round cutters using different stretching points as shown by the arrows in the above photo.

When you stack them they should look like this. The scallops should alternate evenly.

The Twizzlers candy already have a hole in them so I just used a lollipop stick to secure them into a handle shape.
I added the holes to the top cookie before baking using a soda straw.
The bottom cookie does not have the center cut out so it will hold little candies.
You could add mini decorated Easter cookies to these as well, but that would take the "easy" out of them.

♥ Happy Decorating ♥

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