Monday, November 5, 2012

Birthday Queen Cookies

I had the privilege to be part of a cookie exchange where each participant made cookies for another one's birthday. Well, the recipient I was assigned to was Dawn (Kneadacookie). No pressure.
NO PRESSURE!!! Yeah there was pressure!!!! Not only have I been a fan of her work since I first saw it on Cake Central back in 2007, she actually owns a bakery where she makes cookies and other bakery goods for a living.
Anyway, after months of wondering what I was going to make her, I finally got to work and
designed the following Birthday Queen themed cookies.

Royal Banner

Birthday Queen
I'm embarrassed to say I actually sent her the wrong cookie. I accidently sent a cookie that was unfinished, lacking the darker outlines for the facial features and the ribbons. I don't think I gilded the crown accents either.
I didn't notice that fact until I'd boxed them all up and sent them out. I found this cookie the following day still sitting where I had photographed it. The only thing I can say in my defense is that I finished boxing them up at 1:30 in the morning so my husband could take them to the post office.
I'm so sorry Dawn. Here is the Cookie Queen you should have gotten.

Special birthday plate cookie

Petit four cookies

Mini crown cookies

And for those of you wondering who sent me cookies. Here they are. These are cookies made for me by Pam also known as CookieCrazie, another cookie designer I have admired for years. I got to see these beauties up close and personal when I received them back in July for my birthday. What a treat! Thank you again Pam.

Happy Decorating


  1. Oh, my, gosh!!! These are just so sweet, so girly, so unique, and you are so very talented! I aspire to your greatness! And thanks for sharing Pam's cookies, which are a delight in so many ways! She and I have become friends, and met at Cookie Con, and I also admire her talent so much. And she is sweeter than sweet!

  2. Absolutely speechless! So, so , so beautiful! Love the face!! pinning!

  3. Mommy - my birthday is in 6 months. <3

    Love your #3 daughter.

  4. our petit four cookies are the cutest ever!