Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Cookies for Girly Ghouls

I've been spending most of my time lately trying to get caught up with house repairs and sprucing up the yard, so there hasn't been a lot of spare time to blog. Plus I'm sure no one wants to look at photos of how to scrape paint, caulk windows and dig up old overgrown plants.
I did manage to squeeze in a little time to get these Halloween designs finished.
Let's say I was going for a Glam/Designer/Diva look with this collection.

 The broom on the left was made using a Christmas lightbulb cookie cutter, while the broom on the right is a handcut design. Normally I just attach a twizzler candy over the cookie stick as an added treat, however after seeing Sweetsugarbelle's post (here), I decided to follow in Lisa's bearfoot steps and use these cute straws instead.

Dolled up little mini pumpkins.

Diva Witch hats. The hats are a combination of two designs. The brim of my old witch's hat (here) and the top of one of my Santa hats (here). The bats were cut with mini cutters.

This year's Halloween collection

Happy Decorating

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