Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Handmade Ornaments - Candyland Christmas Tree

I'm pretty sure I've been voted off the Island by now. Cookie Island that is.  I haven't done any creative cookie baking for almost a year. Too many other projects, not really blog worthy, took precedence. Hopefully next year I can get into my cookie groove again.

Recently, like millions of others, I did manage to get into Christmas decorating mode. While in the process of getting out the decorations this year I decided I finally wanted to start the design process for a candyland themed tree. Having collected numerous sweet themed ornaments over the years, I finally felt I had enough to start putting together a small tabletop version.

In an attempt to keep my creative juices flowing I made a few handmade sweet treats to add to my store bought ones. As usual I seem to have more projects I want to do than time to do them.

A work in progress.
 I'm not completely happy with this one yet. 
It's way too jumbled and needs a lot more tweaking or editing, but I think it's off to a good start.
Below are a few of the ornaments I made to add to the ones I already had.

These simple, easy to make gumdrops will be used to fill in and add sparkle.
These were made by rolling and flattening styrofoam balls into gumdrop shapes, then painting and gluing on transparent glitter. I think I'll use smaller sizes and make them into either sprays or garland next time.

I absolutely fell in love with the fake rock candy sugar sticks I saw at the Breakfast 4 Dinner blog and knew I had I found my next project. Instead of  beads, I used what was labeled as "pirate jewels" found in the party section of Hobby Lobby. They look like those mini ice rock table scatters used for weddings.
I just followed Loraine's instructions found (here). They look pretty darn real don't you think?
Unfortunately there were only 4 colors in my bag of "jewels", so I'll need to check wedding supplies for more colors next year because I like the sparkle these add to the tree.

These fake brownie bites fooled my husband, a die hard chocoholic. I thought he'd cry when I told him they weren't real. I found the instructions for these (here) from Mark being Mark on youtube when I went searching for fake candy and cake tutorials. I decided not to add the flowers or the plate to the ones on my tree. I have some boxed candy truffles in the works, but they may have to wait until next year.

Happy Decorating

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