Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fantasy Get Well Flowers

I made a quick bunch of fantasy flowers for my baby sister in Alaska using some cutters I made a couple of years ago for (these). I wasn't able to make them into an actual bouquet for her because I knew they probably wouldn't  make it there without some breakage.

These are some of the background and filler leaves. Sorry for the blurry photo, but I took these really fast so they could be sent out and didn't preview them first.

A couple more leaf sets.

Larger fantasy flower set.

2 more fantasy flowers.

Smaller filler flowers.

Here is the whole set arranged into a bouquet of sorts. I took this photo and made it into a get well card for her.  That way as she's unwrapping all the individual cookies she can look at this photo and at least get some idea of what was in my head.

Happy Decorating


  1. These are simply awesome! When I saw these I was blown away! I made very similar for an order recently. I post pics at

    Thank you.

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