Thursday, February 9, 2012

Easy Cookie Cutter Plunger for Mini Cutters - Tutorial

While trying to cut out a lot of 3/4" mini heart cookies I was getting frustrated with the dough that would sometimes get stuck in the cutter. Trying to poke it out with a skewer made the cut-out unusable.  I ended up out of desperation making my own quickie plunger using a carrot and a toothpick.  It was easy, quick, and practically free. I didn't have to glue or drill anything, and of course it was food safe.

I didn't have any normal size carrots so I had to make due with these mini carrot things. (I'm guessing you could use a potato as well). First I cut a piece 1/4" thick.  Then I used the same cutter that I was trying to make the cookies with and cut out a carrot heart.  I shaved off some of the edges (using the same cutter) so it would easily pass back and forth through the cutter. Then I carefully pushed the toothpick into it.

I've wrapped the whole thing with a piece of plastic baggie and a twist tie. Not the prettiest looking thing, but it didn't have to be because I was going to throw it away once I was finished. 

Here it is actually pushing out a mini heart.

All done! Only a hundred more to go.

Happy Decorating


  1. This is genius! Thanks for the idea!

  2. So cool! I made some mini cookies for valentines and this is great! I was using a plastic sushi stick end to push the dough out.